Top Five Most Expensive Houses in the World

More often than not, your house defines who you are and your place in this world. That is why having such a huge abode is a big deal to many. People spend their life savings in trying to realize their dream house with all the accoutrements known to man.

The rich and powerful, therefore, make a statement when they build their mansions in their sprawling estate or ranches. Whether it is for them or their women or family, just viewing these houses are twice as breathtaking when you find out how much they cost. After a while, one may wonder where they get the means to pay for the upkeep. But for them, the sky, literally, is the limit.

While many have vied for the honor, below are listed the top 5 expensive homes in the world we found. The factors, aside from the cost, are the area and facilities built in each.

1. Antilla- Located in the affluent part of Mumbai, India, it is said to have cost Mukesh Ambani one billion dollars. His place has twenty-seven floors and carries every modern facility you could think of – for example a health club and a huge 150 car garage. In case you are wondering whether it is enough for Mr. Ambani’s cars, it is not: he has 168 automobiles! The building is made entirely of glass and is 570 feet tall. So it is better to keep your clothes on inside so you’re not seen by the neighbors. Mr. Mumbani is one of the richest men in India.

2. Villa Leopolda- Located in the French Riviera, the mansion sits atop 80,000 square feet of lush greenery and land. It is owned by French banker Edmond Safra. Believed to be about 520 million dollars, this 19-room villa has its own bowling alley for him and his family to play in. This property comes second to the Antilla as of this writing.

3. Fairfield Pond-  Said to be the most expensive house in the United States with an estimated cost of 190 million dollars and built on 250,000 square meters of land. It is believed to belong to Ira Rennert.

4. William Randolf Hearst’s Mansion- Valued at around 165 million dollars, the house holds three swim pools, twenty-nine bedrooms, a cinema and a disco pad, and the house is built in over six acres of land.

5. Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa- Located in London, it is valued at US$161 million and has five storeys, a villa of ten bedrooms, swimming pool, panic room, small theatre and a sauna with a gym. The owner of the house is thought to be Elena Franchuk, a Ukrainian philanthropist and wealthy businesswoman. The house is often rented out for shootings or big events.

There are other huge estates that almost come close to the value of these houses but as of this writing, they are the houses that make this exclusive list. Some lists differ from this, and this may likewise change as time goes on. But each is meant to amaze every onlooker.


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