Religious and Cultural Attractions in Dubai

Tourists and visitors with an interest in Islamic culture on flights to Dubai will find that the city has lots to offer those looking for religious attractions and artistic or cultural interest.

Dubai is a modern, flourishing city with skyscrapers, manmade symbolic beaches and desert water parks.  However, in amongst the 21st century playgrounds you can still glimpse elements of the original tribal lifestyle and the grandeur of the cities religious centres.

Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque stands out from the crowd as it has the tallest minaret in Dubai and can easily be seen on the skyline. Although non-Muslims are banned from entering it is still an impressive building to see from the outside, especially at night when the building is lit up.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque has been built in a medieval Fatimid style and is one of the most attractive religious buildings in Dubai. There are twice weekly tours of the mosque aimed at exploring both the building and the Islamic religion, this mosque is open to all.

Sharjah Art Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum houses the largest collection of historical Islamic artworks in the Gulf, as well as exhibiting the works of contemporary artists from throughout the region. The works include collections of landscapes, cityscapes and portraits undertaken in a wide range of mediums and styles.

Camels and horses in Dubai

Camels and horses have long provided the tribes of the Arab Peninsula with transport and entertainment. At the Nadi al Sheba Race in Dubai you can witness the thrill of classic camel racing, as these ungainly creatures charge across the sand. The track is where you can also see unforgettable horseracing, another popular pastime and the Dubai World Cup every March is probably the richest horse race in the world.

Old Bastakiya District of Dubai

This is one of the oldest areas of Dubai and is full of local character with its distinctive wind towers that were used to cool houses before the arrival of air-conditioning. Bastakiya has a busy market place and is brimming with culturally interesting sights for the visitor to take in.

There are bargains a plenty to be had at the stalls, museums, restaurants and historic attractions such as parts of the old town wall.

Hatta Village, Hatta, Dubai

This is a heritage village featuring mud huts that have been restored and recreated to give a sense of how the people of the region have existed for thousands of years. The village contains a 200-year-old mosque, an oasis, a fort and tower along with an array of shops and stalls to visit.

Cuisine Museum, Diera, Dubai

Visitors to the museum can explore the tastes and styles of Arabic cuisine and see how dishes like Falafel have influenced cooking and tastes across the region. For the foodies among the tourists this is a truly wonderful and informative place to visit.


Jennifer Armstrong is a writer of freelance content. She writes articles that can offer information for people arranging a trip to Dubai or flights to the UAE.


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