Like or Hate of Emiratis in Dubai

If you are moving to Dubai for vacation or business purpose, and happen to stay there for a long period, you will discover the cultural different of Dubai with your country. I am born and being raised in a western country all the time. This is the first time I travel to Dubai for business trip and for a longer stay due to the working contract as I need to serve in Dubai for 2 years. To my surprise after staying in there for some time and meeting with a lot of Westerners in Dubai, I found many of them don’t like Arabs and they are rather reluctant to make friends with them especially Emiratis. Most of them even claimed that they would never want to be friend with Emiratis!

Dubai Emiratis

Meeting Pleasant Emiratis

However, speaking for myself, for all the Emiratis that I happened to meet on my daily life in Dubai, I found most of them are of pleasant people with just one exception where I ever met an Emiratis who has tried to hit me off the road. The other occasion is I ever stop by a traffic police while I was driving who accused me for traffic wrongdoing and demanded money from me.

Frankly speaking, for myself, I do not dislike any local people, and I am quite comfortable for leaving the local people to themselves. Personally I will feel rather uneasy for making friends with people who doesn’t having the same language, culture and like-minded people to mix around with as an equal.

Emiratis Might Get Spoil by Local Legal System

Through my observation, I notice in which the trouble for most expatriates in Dubai is because of the local legal system. I found almost all local Emiratis could easily get away with all sorts of bad behavior but not for foreigners. Even though most of the local people are behave quite friendly and polite, but definitely you will meet some who can be rude to you. This is the common phenomenon for almost all countries around the world.

When you happen to making friends with some Emiratis, it is possible for you to notice that some of them are just dislike to any Westerners, doesn’t matter which Western country you are from.

What I can say is there tend to be a difference in superior feeling for people in their own country and there are people who would intentionally get other people in to trouble. Since many foreigners have been expressed their worry and the fairness of the legal system in Dubai, but overall it just not really fair by any extend of the imagination. Most of the people are using ‘wasta’ to get off where this isn’t commonly taking place very often at somewhere else. Sadly to say, I can sense this is the key reason why a lot of foreigners tend not to mix with local Emiratis, due to the fact that many of them could pretend to be nice in front of you, but once they turn behind your bad, they can have a 180 degree different attitude.

After all, we need to understand there are good and bad people and culture in every country. What we should take into consideration is we should not judge someone before we have any clue about that person.

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  1. gulfdig says

    What I can say is there tend to be a difference in superior feeling for people in their own country and there are people who would intentionally get other people in to trouble… thumbs up…

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