Installation of Solar Water Heaters for All Buildings in Dubai

Recently the Dubai government has released a new regulation stipulate that starting from 4th March, 2012, all the buildings are required to install solar water heaters, or else they will not get approval for construction. All developers are required to get the solar heating system that certified by Dubai Central Laboratory prior for them to do the installation. And all the application submission for the design and planning are carried by a local engineering consulting firm.

Dubai solar village

Announcement by Dubai Government Toward Solar Water Heaters

According to the director of the government from Dubai development, Khalid Al Mulla, said that solar water heaters must provide at least 75% of the total hot water supply in a building; while for buildings that are having swimming pools, the supply shall not be less than 50%. All the solar installation and maintenance companies in Dubai need to be filed and approved by Dubai government, and those qualified companies are subject to regular maintenance.

The bore steps taken by Dubai government are with the purpose to save energy. Base on a reliable news report, Dubai Municipal committees have rolled out some conditions for all the new buildings that intend to build on Dubai land.

“The conditions for installation of water heaters that run by solar energy should comply with standards and technical specifications set by the municipality,” the report said quoting Khalid Al Mulla, director, Buildings Department at Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Determination on Solar Water Heaters Utilization

Dubai government is emphasizing that the solar heating system that going to install in the buildings need to equipped with a backup system.

In accordance with an announcement released by Dubai Global Energy Forum 2011, the UAE stands out as the top energy exporter per capita compare to other nearby regions. Hence, the government is determine to cut down the usage in order to make Dubai to turn out to be the lowest-carbon economy region by establishing a sustainable as well as environmental-friendly policy for energy consumption.

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