Property Market in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE in the Middle East. It is located about 200 km from Dubai and is the largest among the seven emirates. As Dubai has turned into a symbol of prosperity and wealth, most of you may not know that Abu Dhabi is actually wealthier and more formidable. It has 10% of the world’s oil reserves and incredibly rich Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Abu Dhabi real estate

Abu Dhabi Real Estates are More Favorable Than Dubai Now

The property and real estate industries in Abu Dhabi have witnessed a positive rise in demand for last few months. It has grown to be the next most desired property investment choice for foreign expatriates as well as their local residents. Most of the rental properties in Abu Dhabi are situated in an equality level with those luxurious properties in Dubai both in commercial and residential sector.

The property market in Dubai is currently in the status of fluctuating. This is not only Dubai is facing such situation but all other regions over there are having the same conditions that affected all sorts of properties which are available for rent or sale. Even there are some new local residents are moving to the city but the numbers are just not really significant and they also not bring any substantial move to the real estate and property sector in the region. Many old citizens are also move back to the city with the expectation of paying less and acquire more when it comes to lifestyle and establishments.

Certainly, the prices for property have declined a lot since the financial crisis took place on previous years. There are a lot of excessive offices, villas and apartments being vacant and many construction projects have come to a halt. As a result, the buying and selling activities are seldom happen there and Dubai appears to be more of a market with rental properties now. With the cold conditions of Dubai real estate market pursuing, many investors have began seeking in the adjacent areas to acquire or purchase rental properties at low rates and Abu Dhabi seems to be the most favorable area for investors to pour their money in.

Seeking Opportunity in Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market

Actually this can be a rare chance for investors who overlooked the first surge of Abu Dhabi properties. Most real estates and properties for sale in Abu Dhabi can create a mutually beneficial situation for the investor in buyer’s market to make a bargain. For the economic condition happening now, even places like the Tourist Club, City Centre, and Kalidiyah & Corniche are facing a loss of 10% – 15% in price points. Having this profitable buyer undertaking, those who are interested in investing in Abu Dhabi will needs to get a real estate agent who is reliability, reputability and having integrity. Getting a real estate agent that can provides you with both pre and post sales assistance will be a big help for you.

As an investor, you must try to bargain hard and take into account the local cultural differences and legal requirements in Abu Dhabi. A knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent has the ability to deliver you with desirable result. Being friendly and reachable at all times is encouraging for an investor who will have more desire to shift to this new area and settle down. Because of this, buying a property in Abu Dhabi will be an overwhelmed decision for some investors. Therefore, a real estate agent tend to be not simply accountable for locating an investor a property but in addition bears the responsibility for making a level of comfort for their customers.

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