The Compelling Reasons to Invest in Dubai

Invest in Dubai

Dubai is situated in the Arabian Gulf and is a very popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world. It is quite different from most of the other Arab nations. Unlike many other countries in the Middle East that are hotspots of terrorism and political upheavals, Dubai is refreshingly calm and serene with a laid back feel. It is liberal in its views and is modern with a global outlook. It has therefore managed to become a focal point in the Middle East for tourism as well as businesses. Companies as well as individuals have started to invest in Dubai. This is one of the main reasons for the liberalization of the region. The Royal family which rules the region wants people from all over the world to invest in Dubai and make it a major commercial and residential hub in the Middle East.

Why Invest in Dubai?

Dubai has extremely business-friendly policies which attracts a huge amount of investors. One of the reasons people invest in there is because full repatriation of profit and capital is permitted by state policies. Moreover, there is no sales tax or income tax over there which is another attractive feature. People therefore wish to invest in Dubai, work there or permanently settle with their families in the city. People who invest in the area by purchasing freehold properties, they are given the opportunity to either occupy the properties themselves or rent them out to tourists, visitors or people working in Dubai. Due to the tax-free lifestyle in the city, there are a number of people working in the region who live in rented homes. Therefore, people who wish to rent their homes to workers can easily find tenants for their homes. When they eventually sell their properties, they are also allowed to repatriate 100% of the investment.

invest in dubai

Since the availability of land is limited in Dubai, the government has initiated one of the biggest land reclamation projects in the region. Huge man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree have been constructed in the ocean which has become the site for community residential construction projects. People who wish to invest in Dubai can buy freehold properties on these islands. Known as the Palm Islands, there are a total of three huge islands with a coastline extending to 520 kilometers. These islands are in the form of narrow strips of land where just two rows of houses are built with the sea on either side of the land strip. Therefore, everyone who opts to invest over there to purchase one of these properties gets access to their own private beach. This is one of the main reasons that people are attracted to invest in Dubai.

A large number of international investors have been lured in to invest in Dubai in the various freehold properties in many of the newly developed Palm islands. It is almost like a peaceful oasis in the vastly hostile Middle East region. Its stable political atmosphere combined with its liberal views has made it a very attractive investment destination. People therefore grab the opportunity to invest in Dubai as soon as possible.

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