Burj al Arab Hotel – The 7 Star Hotel in Dubai

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel

When I was in Dubai few years ago, the Burj Al Arab hotel is the only 7 star hotel in the world. I shoot this clip of the hotel from a distance at nearby beach. The height of the hotel is stand at 321 meter which is equivalent to 1,053 feet, and is currently rank at the fourth place among the tallest hotel in the world.

When the hotel was commenced its construction, it been planned for resting on an artificial island that is built with 280 meter or equivalent to 920 feet off the emirate. In order to secure a firm and long lasting foundation, the construction drove 230 forty-meter or equivalent to 130 feet tall of concrete that were piles into the sand level.

The 7 star hotel in Dubai – the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab interior

Burj Al Arab interior

The hotel is located in the premier Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai. It has long turn into a synonym for splendour, elegance as well as luxury. Featuring limo services, private butler service, private transfer for every guest with private golfcart and nearly anything else which is being connected with extravagance.

This 7 star hotel of The Burj Al Arab was began built in 1994 and was constructed with the sail of a renowned Arabian vessel.

Burj Al Arab interior 2

Burj Al Arab interior 2

The design was given birth to through the use of teflon-coated abs plastic, fiberglass along with whitened materials which look like a mast if watched from a long distance. The Burj Al Arab hotel is actually an architectural masterpiece. The basement walls has been built on an artificial island and also this 7 star hotel in Dubai is hosting the world’s tallest atrium. With the hotel standard star system, the Burj Al Arab is officially known as a five-star deluxe hotel even though it loves to believe it is the world’s only seven-star hotel.

Each floor of the hotel is double layered and consist of 202 rooms. The range of deluxe hotel rooms are measured from somewhere around 1,800 sq ft up to around 8,000 sq ft. A room in this 7 star hotel in Dubai will cost you a minimum of US dollar of $1,000 per evening and may rise in the price for up to US dollar of $25,000 per night. The hotel hosted with remarkably heralded dining places, including one of most famous

7 star hotel room

7 star hotel room

chef – Kevin McLaughlin.

In case you take a position across the Persian Gulf coast from the town area, and look out in the direction of Jumeirah, the particular humming night life region, you will see the Burj perching imperiously above the sky line. It’s 54 stories result in the other beach-resort hotels appear to be such sort of

7 star hotel dining

7 star hotel dining

roadside motels. The hotel is lighted by spotlights during night time, a luxury shinning beacon which draws in Rolls Royce limos ferrying guests looking for various unparalleled holiday accommodation experiences.

However after you have fulfilled these kinds of challenges and breached this 7 start hotel in Dubai, an enormous amount of excess is waiting. The reception atrium is actually can considered as the world’s largest. The rooms are decorated with marble staircases and all are duplex suites with personal butlers waiting aside to assist you for all requests. The royal suites include revolving canopy panels beds as well as private mosques. On the list of hotel’s 7 dining places is cantilevered 600 feet above the beach, as well as the other comes with an underwater theme which is accessed with an artificial submarine ride.

Videos of Burj al Arab Hotel

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  1. cesnitry says

    dumbasses didnt use a single solar panel in the middle of the desert!!!….what a waste….I hope it goes backrupted soon

  2. hamzaabuhamdeh says

    its fair for dubai to have all these beatifull projects & our gaza & brothers & sisters they don t have homes or food. Thats how islam is? Too leave your brothers without a home & food. What a shame

  3. Lord6of9Uk says

    i was there in 1999 before it opened, loved it in Dubai.xD

    Good that my Uncle was responsible for keeping the building standing ; ) heh meaning a Surveyor!

  4. IlyJustinBieber6 says

    I Stayed There!
    Its Fucking Amazing!

    The Staff Are So Kind,
    And The Rooms Are Squeeky Clean
    Buht, Its REALLY Expensive About 15000
    For AFamily Nightly ;S
    We Only Stayed For A Week Though.

  5. Adster09 says

    .no its that they are not making profit they spend so much on the customers but will never make a profit i know this cause i vave been there 17 times and they have told me and the best butler is aung

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