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dubai sports city

Location is always the motto for most of the real estate agent and they been believe in this for years. This is especially true for the locations that are happen to be in the more evolved and conventional real estate and property markets such as the Dubai Sports City. During the last few years on the other hand, this kind of in the long run sound ideological background appeared to have forfeit it’s way within the growing volume of roll-outs and construction sites of the extremely frantic real estate and property market in Dubai. When the bandwagon of real estate investment amassed pace, excellent fundamentals appeared to have grown to be not so important factors seeing that people are going after the high yields and significant rewards being offered.
dubailand project

Lately, by pursuing to the world events which have took place during the last few months, an increasingly thought to invest in Dubai Sports City is apparently rising amongst local and foreign investors in Dubai. An added demanding for the real estate and property investment in the region happens to be surfacing, by means of investors conducting a great number of development researches before making their investment. This have result in a lot of investors are now shifting to focus on quality rather than quantity. And Dubai Sports City seem to be one of the ideal choices for investors to place their funds since the potential of long term growth for the city is extremely positive and it is one of the iconic developments in Dubai as well.

Reason Why So Many Investors Are Interested to Invest in this Iconic Development – Dubai Sports City

Canal Residence West
Dubai Sports City is located within the Dubailand project, and once the project is completed, it is going to turn into the first sports city in the world that built with purpose. Including an overall of more than 50 million square feet, This city is going to epitomize the actual substance associating with sporting endeavor. It is really superb and unique compare with some other destinations and the construction is going to equipped with some of the greatest sporting facilities in the world. There are 4 spectacular stadiums which consist of a 60,000 capacity multi-purpose outdoor stadium, a 25,000 seat cricket arena and a 10,000 capacity multi-purpose indoor stadium that going to host for high profile sport events involving the worlds sporting athlete. In addition, those fans of golf will be very excited with the city since it will host the Championship standard golf courses such as the first Ernie Els designed golf course, The Dunes.

And in future, Dubai Sports City is ready to host a variety of top notch sporting academies, in which the sports superstars of the future could have authority to access their state of art facilities for training. Manchester United Soccer Schools, the Butch Harmon School of Golf and the David Lloyd Tennis Academy are just some of the top notch sporting brand names that have selected Dubai Sports City to be their home in future.

High Living Standard in Dubai Sports City

The Cube
As a result, the real estate and property in within the Dubai Sports City turn out to be epitomized an extravagance and activity concentrated way of life. The residents in the area are gaining access to numerous type of real estate and property, which range from ample studio apartments up to high-class villas, and all these buildings are located just within walking distance of some of the leading sporting facilities and events in the world. As a part of the project for Sports City, the residents can be easily access to a truly exclusive way of living, and due to this the demand for real estate and property in Dubai Sports City is excessive. Specifically, strategic located and top quality buildings like Canal Residence West and the Cube have got established reputability and is highly desirable since their launches.

After all, for investors and also those people who are intending to purchase a property in the United Arab Emirates, it is of the best choice to invest in Dubai Sports City as it can offers an exclusive way of living and can be a great investment for long term.

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