Dubai Serviced Apartments and Villas

If you have never been to Dubai but have heard so many times that all the things range from hotel prices, meal expenses to tourist attractions entrance fees are going to cost you a fortune, then you may get rid of any idea of going for holiday in Dubai. However, if someone tell you that you can actually live luxuriously in Dubai without having to spend a lot of money for your entire trip? If you have confirmed answer, then you may definitely start thinking of paying a visit to there. In fact, you can find some property rental companies to arrange some Dubai serviced apartments and villas for you to choose. You may first figure out what kind of accommodation you want and asking for the right question when go to property rental companies. Overall, Dubai serviced apartments tend to be residential apartment blocks that are make up like hotels for tourists who are plan for short stay for their holidays. You can make your reservation on Dubai serviced apartments even just for one night without having to sign any renting contract or agreement.

However, Dubai serviced apartments do have some different with average hotels. There are many different apartments vary from single bed studio up to luxury 4 bed apartments that you can choose for according to your needs. All the apartments are fully furnished with bedroom, bathroom and lounge. Many apartments in Dubai have raised in number for last few years and the size also become larger. Some other high class apartment buildings like Marina Crown and Marina Diamond are possess 25 floors plus and you can have a very nice panoramic views of Jumeirah Beach from the apartment balconies.

Facilities Available in Dubai Serviced Apartments

Dubai serviced apartments
Dubai serviced apartments are further furnished with computer and high speed internet connection, all necessary kitchen accessories, utensils and cooking equipment. You will get all the required stuff you need for your stay in the apartment. The sanitation and cleaning job will carry out at Dubai serviced apartments either on a daily or weekly basis depending on its location and the size of the apartment. Some serviced apartments could offer you with extra amenities and services for tourists like transfering to airport, prepaid cell phone rental, printer, baby pack and many others which you can request if you need them.

Famous Dubai Serviced Apartments

Dubai serviced villas
Nowadays, you can find serviced apartments virtually anywhere in Dubai but there are still some hotspot that are relished by most tourists. One of the high demand location would be the Palm Island Jumeirah. It is rather hard for someone to walk in an check in the hotel immediately since almost all apartments within the Palm Island are rented out most of the times. Thus, it is advisable for you to make your advanced booking prior for you to visit Dubai if you really wish to stay in the Palm Island Jumeirah apartments. One of the famous serviced apartments in there is the Jumeirah Beach Residence. It has 40 high rise apartment building over the Jumeirah Beach that offering tourists with direct beach access as well as outdoor pool facilities. Another famous one would be Dubai Marina and is especially desirable for business professional. The apartments can offer you with great panoramic view of Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina.

Some Dubai serviced apartments will put their catalogue online so that you can check them out by browsing to their websites. All the serviced apartments are listed with details of number of guests for accommodation, location, prices, facilities that you can have in the apartments and many other useful information. Some websites will also implementing with online booking system where visitors can make their booking and reservation through their websites. Promotions are updated frequently and you may get a good deal if you happened to make your booking on the right time.

To give you some ideas on how the charges of Dubai serviced apartments, you may find that the prices for 2 guests to stay one night is about $96, which will cost only $48 per head count for an apartment. And for travelers of more than 3 persons they can choose to rent an apartment. If you are having families for up to 10 persons to travel along with you, then you can choose to stay in a bigger apartment that can cater for all your family members. Besides, there are also serviced villas available for travelers who want to have an unique experience but the prices can be higher. Virtually you will find that all Dubai serviced villas are feature with private gardens, private swimming pools and onsite parking.

Lastly, hopefully this brief information can provide you with a clear perception for Dubai serviced apartments and will benefits to you when you travel to Dubai.

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