April 24, 2014

Need An Attorney For Your Real Estate Transaction?

Do you need a real estate lawyer for a residential transaction?  It depends.  It may not be a necessary expense for a simple purchase, but sometimes a purchase can go wrong, and you’ll be in need of counsel.  If you’re buying an investment property, or if you’re in foreclosure, then it’s worth considering.  Above all, a good real estate lawyer will work hard to protect your interests and help you process complex paperwork. Where To Start If you decide you need a lawyer, what’s next?  How do you go about making the right choice? … [Read More...]

Dubai Marina Walk

Real Estate Basics: What Is An Easement?

So you just bought some land in the country.  Congratulations!!  Land and property ownership are great traditional investments.  Real estate and property almost always increases in value.  Your property is separated by your neighbor’s property with a fence directly on the property line.  Let’s say your land is totally raw; there are no buildings, homes, or improvements.  It’s just land.  To get to your land or to leave your land, you drive on a privately maintained road.  It goes to a main road.  That road was not part of your … [Read More...]

What You Need To Know About Dubai

Dubai is an extravagant and opulent oasis in the middle of the Arabian Desert. One of the world’s fastest growing cities, Dubai has achieved global status as an immigration enclave, commercial centre and dream tourist destination. A sensational location, Dubai boasts some of the biggest and best features from around the globe: Living With one of the world’s largest immigrant populations, Dubai is a truly cosmopolitan city. Offering a safe and politically-stable environment, Dubai boasts good health facilities, an excellent education system and a central location with an ideal … [Read More...]

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Tips On Making Your House Move Stress-Free

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do along with having a baby, organising a wedding, getting divorced and coping with a bereavement, but it should also be one of the most exciting times of your life. Our guide on how to move into a new property without the stress will give you tips on making relocating as smooth a process as possible. Preparation is key The best way to tackle moving home is to be prepared. Unless you have to move on short notice, you should plan it carefully to ensure everything happens that’s supposed to. If you have many weeks to prepare, you … [Read More...]

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Home Inspection Before Buying A Home: Do You Really Need One?

Before you purchase a house, your realtor will ask if you want to get a home inspection. This means employing a professional home inspector to check on the property you wish to buy. Keep in mind that buying a house is expensive enough as it is and getting a professional home inspection will cost you an addition $400. Do you want to spend that extra expense or should you forgo this procedure? You are probably thinking that you are more than capable of testing the home equipments and make sure that all the electrical outlets work. Why would you choose to pay someone that amount of money to do … [Read More...]

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